Pantone Inspired Products

From your toothbrush, to your notebooks, to your cufflinks and even your flowerpots, color arrays are everywhere. And why not inspire them in Pantone? This post is for all lovers of Pantone. And we've even found a Pantone Hotel.
We leave you with a variety or products, places and concepts inspired by and that pay tribute to Pantone. Enjoy!

Pantone Perfume

Pantone Mugs

Pantone Espresso Cups

Pantone products for the kitchen

Platinum VISA Rewards

Pantone Candles

Pantone Flight Stool

Pantone Bicycle

Pantone Messenger Bag

Pantone Cufflinks

Pantone Cufflinks

Pantone Shoes

Pantone Color Splash Drives

Pantone Licorne



Pantone Folding Chairs

Pantone Christmas Balls

Pantone Christmas Ball

Hotel Pantone, Brussels, Belgium

Pantone Hotel, Detail

Pantone Hotel, Lobby

Pantone Hotel, Guest Room

Pantone Post Cards

Pantone iPhone Case

Pantone Notebook

Pantone Luggage Tags

Pantone MyColor

Pantone Storage Box

Pantone Flower Pots

Pantone Toothbrushes

Pantone Markers

Pantone Book Bag

Pantone Suitcase

Pantone Printed Leather Chair