Greek packaging in action

The international media and press promote a picture of Greece as a country full of financial and public administration problems, where nothing creative and innovative happens. However, 2011 - 2013 were three creative years for the leading Greek packaging design and manufacturing companies. Against all odds and ends, there was a noted increase of their international presence and exporting activity. It is hoped that the Greek designers will give this missing side of the Greek picture. 

Designed by k2design
A8 fine fragrances line. Ready made graphic material combined in a new and unique way. The design of the boxes is complicated and maximal, the bottles in the other hand are simple and minimal. 

Designed by Aris Goumpouros
Client: Vasiliki Company
100% supreme quality Greek Honey packaging designd for Vasiliki Company. 

Designed by Designers United Brand identity and packaging design for a new premium quality series of Greek extra virgin olive oil. 5 stands for quintessence in olive oil. 
Five Olive Oil has now reached a total of four worldwide awards for 2012 alone (Pentawards, Red Dot Design Awards, European Design Awards and D&AD Awards)

Designed by Atipus  
Identity for a new brand of olive oils and other olive based products. Èlia is a name, from the Greek word “ελιά” (olive). In accordance with its name, a subtle feminine touch has been given to both the brand (with the typographic game of the logotype) and the packaging itself. Èlia’s first product is a selection of aromatic oils.The softness of the packaging translates the meaning. The illustrations reflect the essence the oil is infused with while promoting a natural, herby feel to the product. The result is very classic yet modern approach. 

Designed by Dimitris Stefanidis 
ENOSIS “Simple Spirit! A white, classy label for a fine mastiha liqueur. The non-colour packaging inspires through simplicity, graphic weights and analogies. A touch of metallic turquoise brings everything into balance. ENOSIS in Greek means union. People under the same spirit, the same beliefs and care, gathered, inspired and created a unique spirit: the original mastiha liqueur.” 

Designed by RETHINK 
Client: Artisan Beverage Group
"Like the sailor-seducing mermaids of Greek mythology, Siren’s Call draws in wine drinkers with its alluring design and robust flavours. Hand-drawn illustrations and typography highlighted with cream and flecks of gold make for a truly tempting wine no mortal can resist." 

Designed by mousegraphics  The packaging designed for the “100% greek” extra virgin & organic olive oils awarded the red dot seal of quality in “the red dot award: communication design”, one of the largest and most internationally acclaimed design competitions. 

Designed by Matadog
Client: ENIOS 
Greek design company Matadog found a creative and eco-friendly solution to their latest packaging design. “We then had to design the artwork of the paper toys based on each structural and an instruction leaflet for each toy. There was a lot of artwork involved in this packaging. We had 10 different heroes/paper toys to design. Stafidenios, Stafidenia, Cat, Dog, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Turtle, Monkey and Kangaroo had to be designed. We wanted a classic character look avoiding extreme character graphics because of the target group we were zeroing in on. Nutrition facts, net weight, ingredients etc. were researched and prepared for the next phase.” Stafidenios was showcased in ScanPack 2012 in Gothenburg / ScanPack 2012 

Designed by minimoko 
Meli is Greek for Honey. Made from 100% Greek Thyme honey (one of the most popular varieties in Greece), Meli is wholesome, pure and healthy. When working on this packaging concept we knew that for it to have a chance of success in the competition it had to really stand out. We made the decision to create a playful brand that conveyed its identity through its packaging. Everything about it shouts how unique it is and it’s something that would make your day as soon as you set it on the breakfast table. 

Antidote Chocolate is a beautifully packaged chocolate, sustainably made with a unique blend of raw and roasted cocoa, and packed full of goodness! The antioxidant-rich chocolate bar is available in ten different flavors, each of which is named after a Greek goddess, and has a unique combination of herbs, fruits, and spices. 

Designed by Bob Studio  
Client: Stories of Greek Origins 
Branding and packaging design for a family of premium Greek food products. 
The identity is based on illustrations that depict traditional agricultural activities from the Greek countryside. The illustrations are inspired from traditional folk art, using repetitive elements to form a pattern, adding a retro feeling, while every illustration is made using a maximum of 3 colors, by overlaying colors. 

Designed by mousegraphics
Τhe briefing (in brief): "we want to emphasize with explicit directness, the honesty and fine quality of our olive oil production". Τhe target audience: foreign clientele. People who value smartly presented quality. The design: Honest Hellenic Products-Timion is one of the most present -relevant brand identities we have developed. At a time when Greece is openly criticized for misconducts, this brand identity adopts an unusually bold approach that verges on the humorous, while claiming a specific virtue as its very own differentiating quality. The logo design makes full use of the austerity implied by the brand name: honest, trustworthy, upstanding, are all properties indicated by the choice of fonts, the type of bottle, the clearly noted attributes of the product. Like an elixir, saved in modest, carefully measured proportions, the extra virgin olive oil of the laconian land travels abroad as a fine and well kept secret of the old but not lost Greek tradition. 

Designed by Robinsson CraventsThe Metrio Coffee identity was first inspired by the classical vintage themes of ancient Greece (the Athenian owl and olive branches) and later combined with a modern yet simple design. The word Metrio is derived by the most common way Greeks drink their short black coffee - METRIO - meaning short black with one sugar (medium sweetness). The combination of the name, the traditional themes and selected colours (brown, coffee, silver, blue, gold) compliment the overall design and gives the brand the classical, fresh and simple perspective it requires to make its mark.

Designed by Vladimir Pospelov  
Olive oil packaging based on greek mythology. an olive tree gave people the goddess athena (atena).. 

Designed by Speiron  
Lambda, the world’s first ultra premium couture olive oil is estimated as the most expensive cooking oils on shelf. And latest news is that it can now be picked from Harrods, London. Touted to be a must for any style-conscious cook, Lambda is also known as the Rolls Royce of olive oils. Now that explains the grandeur of this cooking oil. Most of the Londoners are cribbing about crashed economy but connoisseurs with the most refined palettes there can rejoice as Lambda is now at their doorstep. This royal oil from the Kritsa region of Crete, boasts extremely low acidity, intense fruity notes and an unforgettable aftertaste. It is hand extracted and cold pressed from Koroneiki olives, from a region known for its extremely rich soil. Shipped in a stylish bottle, the packaging is also at par with its expensive title. You can also buy this perfect olive oil from Speiron. Deliver a punch to your palette for a heavy price!
Lambda can be bought for about $50 US per bottle (minimum order of 2) or $200 US for a bottle of Lambda in the signature gift box.

Designed by Garamond design  
"Small Family Farms" - Fresh Greek Milk by Delta. Impressive packaging based on typographic labels, using a "handwritten like" typeface. The bottles are numbered. 
Designer head for the packaging design “Delta small family farms” in Garamond design. In 2012 was awarded the Bronze price of the Ermis Awards. 

Designed by mousegraphics 
Τhe briefing (in brief): 'we want our high quality products to become the preferred choice for beauty concious women'. Τhe target audience: women who are well informed and prefer not to spend on highly advertised products. The design: what we needed to convey through the identity and packaging design of this range of products was trust and intimacy. It targets women within the very environment of beauty care and we decided to make this environment part of the design concept. Youth Lab is, by language and symbol choice, a straightforward reference to a personal laboratory, a place where each individual is treated specially and with the proper, tested materials. The retro futuristic character of the lab tube and the thin, elongated type font speaks of scientific seriousness, while the choice of fluorescent colors on rough carton paper, suggests calculated boldness and personality. The result is a product that is familiar but not boring, trustworthy but also linked with research and experimentation. 

Designed by mousegraphics 
Awesome packaging - Food Wealthfood products from the Greek land.

Designed by Beetroot Design Group 
Kalathaki. We used the shape of an ancient handwriting stele, found on the island of Lemnos, for the form (logo) containing the name Dabizas. Our aim was to emphasize tradition and locality of the product since it can be only produced within the island of Lemnos. The typography is custom made and based on the letters that are engraved in the same ancient stele. Furthermore, spiral lines refer to ancient images (labyrinth) and to the imprints, as well, that production process leaves on the cheese. 

Designed by mousegraphics 
Draculi coffee ‘ε’ for ‘ελληνικός’ (hellinikos / greek) Draculi coffee product line of 3 skus, ground coffee in bags. The briefing (in brief): 
"we find ourselves within a huge coffee market in greece, but we are competing against a 'duopoly' of two major players who dominate this type of coffee segment. We want a packaging which will successfully place us in this territory, while retaining key category elements." The target audience: somewhat younger ages, people ‘revisiting’ greek coffee, not as their parents or grandparents cupper, but more of their own new greek style. The design: we opted for the obvious: An appetizing coffee cup (… yes, there is a measure of ‘appetite’ in Greek coffee), a simple black pack to imply full taste and the use of Greek alphabet letters as initials for each coffee type: ‘ε’ for ‘ελληνικός’ (hellinikos / greek), ‘β’ for ‘βαρύς’ (varys / strong), ‘σ’ for ‘σμυρναίικος’ (smyrneikos / coming from Smyrna). Rich brown velvet texture, traces of boiling bubbles for freshness and a deep black background for the millennia of Greek tradition in writing: one can even get the aroma and the taste of pleasure.

Designed by Mouse Graphics
Ouzo Zarbanis, one of the most well known names in the alcoholic drinks market; this pack's intention was to revisit traditionally used visual cues of the category, without loosing overall understanding. Hence the product name is redesigned in form and feel.
Greek-ness as provenance is reflected into two elements: Greece’s (almost trademark) colour - cyan for the blue skies; the visual of a miniature church (seen through the glass and the clear liquid inside), reminiscent of the miniatures sold 'Greek Style' in small touristic shops.

Designed by G Design Studio 
Geographical is a new brand that markets a selection of specialty foods made in Greece and exported mainly to the US and Europe. The products are local from small artisanal producers. The look and feel is inspired by Greece’s rough terrain. The launch product is a 100% pure, small batch, high density Greek Honey. A series of products, for the new traditionalists, will be produced in the next couple of months. The tagline reads: A World of Mouth 

Designed by Chris Trivizas 
Stunning Cultured Package Design Greek - 4 tetrology symbols (water, earth, air, fire) “The Markogianni winery is located in Skilountia of ancient Olympia, in Peloponnese. As the project referred to the creation of labels for four products of the winery (white, rose and red wine and aged ‘tsipouro’), our goal was to create a tetralogy with a common visual identity, a clear vision and strong differentiation from the competition. 
Inspiration for the labels came from the four elements of nature (water, earth, air and fire), also inextricably linked with the creation of these spirits. The color of the wines led to the choice of the corresponding symbols, while the high concentration of alcohol in the ‘tsipouro’, led to the assignment of the symbol of fire.” 

Designed by Mouse Graphics
AB super market pl, fruit juice, dob (private label) 
The briefing (in brief): "our juice is made from real fruit, make sure our logo is in place".The target audience: super market goers (specific chain), middle-upper class buyers who seek value for money. The design: "you drink the juice a little after we harvested the fruit and pealed their skin": this was our design philosophy here and the food styling, photos and illustration we applied totally visualized it. 

Moria Elea brand is offering two different products: Moria Elea Deluxe and Moria Elea Monovarietal. Each product is targeting on a specific target group in order to cover different needs. We decided to develop an innovative packaging design by using superior quality raw materials. The creative agency Sereal designers designed the artwork by highlighting the concept of “descending from the first olive tree” inspired by the Greek mythology. 

Design by Katy Whittaker  
"The project involved re-designing the packaging for The Greedy Greek Deli. I was focusing on shape families and created a range of products that fit together as a packaging family. The shape is inspired by traditional greek pottery with the wide shoulders and narrow base. The logo I wanted to keep modern to target a younger male/female audience aged 20-35 but still keeping the greek theme by using the olive leaf." 

Designed by Mouse Graphics 
The briefing (in brief): "can we show people that, this lot of sugar is actually a spoonful of sugar? Can we also make a nice sugar pack that people will buy to decorate their table or cup with?". The target audience: all. The design: this work is our very conscious decision to visually transcribe the client's first and second wish. To be, both, very matter-of-fact about the content (quantity), and quite straightforward as to this content's value (quality) and special aesthetics (packaging). The result is as sincere as a design can possibly get, without the connotations of 'boring'... (Come to think about it, it almost sounds like what the i-pad is for a book… in sugar terms) 

Design by Beetroot  
TRATA on ice. The tail of the fish is one of the main visual elements that were used on these frozen seafood packaging series. It was used both on the design of the logo and the structure of the packages. It is a very strong element of the brand since it makes the products recognizable from any view angle. The black background, the subtle typography and the seafood illustrations were used in order to underline the quality of the product and to give a delicatessen feeling. You can actually see the product through the holes on the illustrations that highlight the part of the seafood that is included inside the package. 

Designed by Mouse Graphics
Kefalonia fisheries organic sea bass 
The briefing (in brief): "ours is the first established fishery in Greece. We need to stress this tradition within a contemporary context. We need a new logo and the packaging to support our bio character and care for our product. We are old in the business but young in ideas, family of collaborators." The target audience: consumer, middle and upper-class foodies. Those who can appreciate family care and quality in the food market. The design:a logo, inspired by old porcelain foodwear, crowns the image of a real fish of sparkling freshness. A hint of a clear sea water, the color splash of fresh lemon slice and a wiff of parsley complete a visual haiku about the value of a modern traditional producer. Every application we designed in extension of this base idea, (printed, exhibition material e.t.c.) applies the same honest-chic criteria. A fish can be 'raised' in a family and 'offered' to the consumer as a gesture of warm hospitality.

Designed by Mouse Graphics 
Client: Ariston vegetable oils for cooking 
Redesigning a Greek classic. Ariston has produced products since 1903 for the Greek public. Because their market share has fallen Ariston got in-contact with the Greek design agency Mouse Graphics to redesign their Vegetable oil range. The packaging design kept its iconic Greek character who wears the typical folk costume Foustanella/Tsolias. For the rest of the packaging a cleaner, modern and more structured design got chooses which doesn’t ignore it’s past. via packaging of the world 

Designed by Greek Designers Association “Hatziyiannakis is the ‘top of mind’ dragee manufacturer in Greece with a history of 60 years in the (Greek) market. Aiming to promote their products in the European market, the company assigned us with the re-design of their corporate identity as well as the packaging for a brand new product range, the ‘pebbles’: round candy with a core of juicy fruit or nuts & bitter chocolate covered with a thin sugar coating. 

Designed by Marios Karystios 
All Snob Duck soaps ( are 100% handmade & hand packaged using recycled paper. Made of extra virgin olive oil, greek herbs, fruits, honey & lots of love. Made using the cold process. Weight varies from duck to duck. It’s nature. Available in limited quantities. 

Designed by Athanasios Babalis (Technological Educational Institute of Larisa) 
This reusable gift box designed for Greek vinyard Ktima Gerovassiliou SA out of oak plywood. 

Designed by behance 
Queen of the Meadow 
Scented flowers in general are considered to be some of the cheapest products in the world. Greece, though, is famous for its unique herbs. The dry summer climate favors their growth in such variety. Herbs can easily be collected and used for its thin and rare scent. The excellent quality of Greek herbs is due to the extended sunshine in the country, their different colors and the various microclimate of each region. Some of Greek herbs, such as chamomile, wild tea, sage, thyme, oregano and basil are wanted and exported all over the world.

Designed by Marios Karystios and George Tzavaras.
Refreshing bottle (and matching box) design for Limited Edition Ouzo Thoukis. 

Design by Beetroot 
Naked King 
A new winemaker contacted us in order to provide a visual identity to his new wine. The wine is of extremely high quality, but free from any filtering or chemical treatments. So, it sits there exposed, without anychemical aid for the consumer to taste it. "You could say that it was the king of wines ...but a sincere one." the client said. That reminded us of the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Emperor's clothes" where the king sits naked and exposed for everyone to see who he really was. So, we decided to name the wine "NAKED KING". In order to visually present that, we designed the label of the bottle shaped like a crown and embossed the title NAKED KING instead of printing it. We wanted to show that way it would seem like a naked king, without anything on. For the wooden box we silk printed in the front the tale with big type like in a child book and highlighted the words "The king is naked". TRANSLATION PROVIDED: The words on the bottle label are in greek, and is the name of the wine which is "NAKED KING". The words on the wooden box is the whole fairytale "The emperor's clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen and highlighted and bigger are the words "the king is naked"

Designed by Bob Studio 
Brand’s identity design, including logo, stationery, website and a series of packaging for a refreshment company (

Designed by Designers United 
Client: G. Papazoglou & Co company 
New packaging design for G. Papazoglou & Co company, a supplier of ceramic tiles and kitchen & bathroom fixtures. These two new products are Industrial acrylic adhesive mortars, ideal for the facing of vertical surfaces and flooring, with any type and size of ceramic and granite tiles. Col & Extra Acrylic a total of two awards (Pentawards and D&AD Awards).

Designed by mousegraphics  
The briefing (in brief): " a name and a bottle for our wine" . The target audience: wine consumers with an appreciation for sophisticated packaging. The design: we started from the simple fact that, people value wine as an offering from the heart for those they consider friends and family. Our research led to the old Greek word Anathima, which means the votive offering. From antiquity to the present, anathimata are connected with the humans' wish to gratify, to implore and praise: a means to adress the sacred and approach it via the ritual and respectful offer of a precious gift. Greek temples, oracles and, more recently, churches, are full of such objects which are usually miniature effigies, body parts, human or animal figures, homes and beloved possessions. They all narrate life stories about relationships, love and the fear of loss, in linear, simplified, gold or silver, portable images. We chose to render the word in latin letters, with the exception of the, strongly differentiated, Greek letter thita (θ), which clearly alludes to national provenance. It was obvious that even an international audience should be reminded that wine, was the present of god Dionysus to humanity, a present also related with inspiration and community. Embossed on the simple dark bottle, the silver colored anathima of a soldier's figure, turns this bottle into a rich experience. 

Designed by mousegraphics 
Petrocoll Building Supplies 
“This is the prettiest packaging of building materials I have ever seen! Normally there is little or nothing inspiring about the big bags of cement, but Mouse Graphics have gone in a new direction with their package design, and I can imagine that construction workers all over the world will thank them for it!” 

Designed by Matadog Design
This is the new Packaging of the upcoming 2 layer V-Cube (V-Cube 2). Verdes Innovations S.A., assigned Matadog Design, a design agency based in Greece to design a packaging for the new 2 layer V-Cube 2. The design had to be consistent with the triangle packaging of V-Cubes 5,6,7. 



  1. Awesome post! Greek packaging in action that shows the bunch of imaginary pictures with latest techniques and also designed by a leading packaging design firms. Really packaging play an important role to attract the costumer's attention towards the product.Thanks for sharing with us

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  3. Thanks for Sharing such imported information with us. I hope you will share some more info about greek packaging. please keep sharing!

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  4. Thanks for Sharing such imported information with us. I hope you will share some more info about greek packaging. please keep sharing!

    Oil Packaging Design Agency

  5. Thanks for Sharing such imported information with us. I hope you will share some more info about Greek packaging in action. please keep sharing!

    Oil Packaging Design Agency

  6. Thanks for Sharing such imported information with us. I hope you will share some more info about Greek packaging in action. please keep sharing!

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