Noma Bar. Μια πορεία στον αρνητικό χώρο

Στην δουλειά του Noma Bar και στον τρόπο που διαχείριζεται τον αρνητικό χώρο, έχουμε αναφερθεί ξανά σε παλαιότερα άρθρα. Τώρα, είναι ευκαιρία να δούμε ορισμένα ακόμα έργα του, παρακολουθώντας έτσι την πορεία του αλλά και τις σχεδιαστικές του προτάσεις για εξώφυλλα περιοδικών και βιβλίων ή πάνω σε διάφορα θέματα της επικαιρότητας, του σινεμά, κ.ά.

Russian female tennis players

Modern romance. The sunday Times

Square Mile magazine

If Turkey explodes For Internazionale

‘Fear Of Flying’ / Erica Jong (Penguin Classics 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Art direction & design by Paul Buckley; illustration by Noma Bar..

Le grand livre de L’Humour British
The great book of British Humor (Front & back cover) Assimil Publishing, France

Lady gaga/Born this way for Pride

Contemporary art collector for GQ france

The Silence of the Lambs for Volkswagen See film differently

Tarantino For GQ France

Kurt Cobain for NME

Work out (switch things out) for MR Porter

The Handlebar club

The World Today

The Design Museum London is allowing the public
to choose 1 winner for an award.

Global warming for Internazionale

The science of sex abuse/child abuse
for The New Yorker

Optimism for Time Magazine

Romantic Comedy cover for The Guardian

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for Esquire

Jaws for Volkswagen See film differently

Taking the world/ the mouse means business for Shortlist

Flight (Director:Robert Zemeckis) 2012 For Empire

Africa Rising

Rape in war for the Economist

Evolutionary Thought 95(w) x 127(h) cm Screenprint on 410gsm
Somerset Satin with hand torn edge Edition of 50 Eyestorm/Contemporary art

The war of Crimea for Internazionale

Mr Porter & American Psycho

Miracle Babies / Infertility treatments.
For Huffington Post

The Mozart Project. Curated and authored by some
of the most respected experts, The Mozart Project gives new
insight into the life of a musical genius, providing the ultimate
experience both in terms of contributors and the carefully selected
playlist of music and images that they have chosen
to feature throughout the book.

Happy Birthday Playmobil (35 years) for Volkskrant Magazine

James Gandolfini /The Sopranos
(Guess who,The many faces of Noma Bar 2007)

Top Hat for Empire

Top Gun For GQ France

Bob Marley

The wolf of wall street for Empire

Taxi Driver for Volkswagen See film differently

The rosie project poster for penguin

Erotic science for GQ

How Facebook could get you arrested for The Observer

The science of sex abuse/child abuse for The New Yorker

Nelson Mandela for Vrij Nederland

The problem with Picasso for Open skies

Problem solving for Business is beautiful

Train your brain for Cycling Plus

Rosemary's Baby for Empire

Double Bill Screen print 700 x 500 mm
Somerset Velvet 270sgm Edition of 25 signed and numbered
Soon at outline-editions.

Modern dating for channel 4 at London Underground

My life on brain enhancers for the Guardian

Drugs and Doping in Professional Cycling For Cycling Plus

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