Be Beardy. Shaving brush packaging concept

Today being beardy is not just having some hair on your face. This is the style — masculine, primal, rough. For modern men, it is vital to look brutal but well-coiffed at the same time. Your beard is your power, and let the world see how you can control it.
Shaving is an everyday ritual for every self-respecting man.
These minutes in the morning are sacred: you are spending them only on yourself, making the manliest thing anyone can ever imagine. Thank to “Be Beardy” you can do it with the real style: even if no one can see it, you will know it.

Because real style is inside of you. Be Beardy is only for real men.



Designer: Anwar Kurbanov

Illustrator: Kamila Mursalimova

Project Type: Student Project

School: British Higher School of Art and Design

Course: Visual Communications

Tutor: Leonid Slavin

Location: Moscow, Russia

Packaging Contents: Shave brush

Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Printing Process: Flexography