Cards that can unlock your freedom


I quite like MasterCard’s slogan. It goes “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there’s MasterCard”. It’s really nice, but allow me to make a tiny change, because there’s a new type of card that can buy you freedom to a decent degree. If MasterCard’s cards are for finance, Readyman’s cards are for survival. Readyman’s survival kit comprises 3-4 cards that can literally fit into your wallet. When you need them, the cards can transform into life-saving tools, handy in situations ranging from being lost in the wild, to being taken hostage, to even medical emergencies.

Readyman’s cards are made in 301 Stainless Steel and come broadly in four kinds. A medical card comes with all first-aid tools, ranging from tweezers to bandage clips. The hostage card comes with a set of lock-picks that allows you to get out of a hostage situation. The wilderness card comes with basic hunting tools like fish-hooks and arrow-heads, and lastly, the AR-15 cleaning card allows you to clean and maintain your firearms.

Designer: Readyman






Cards that can unlock your freedom