Ode to calligraphy: the world’s first electronic calligraphy platform

Currently on Kickstarter, the TSDL CALLIGRAPHY platform is dubbed “an ode to calligraphy”.

The main goal of the platform is to develop the art of calligraphy by spreading it on popular, casual products. They’ve chosen the three most demanding ones: t-shirts, phone cases, canvasses and launched an e-shop.

What makes them special is that any artist in the world can publish its work on this platform and get royalty.

Another direction of tsdl.me is the organization of all kinds of creative collaborations, which will discover the potential of handwritten texts and will underline its actuality. Information about this part of project is published in their blog. The team already made certain number of interviews, collaborations; tools, shops, events reviews – and this is only the beginning.

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