Freelance Creatives. How to not be afraid to charge your clients

Pricing services and charging clients are common challenges faced by freelance creatives. Chris Do, founder of brand strategy design consultancy Blind, has previously explained how to price logos and other design services, as well as how to go from charging $25 for your logo design to $2,500.
In the same vein, logo designer and hand letterer Will Paterson shares advice on how to not fear charging your clients. He addresses five main points:

1. Value
Your client is making money out of what you’ve done, be it a logo design or a rebrand. “You can either be scared to charge them, or you can understand the value that you are giving to them,” says Paterson.

Find out the goals of your client and peg the price to the value that you are creating. Understandably, many clients will feedback that the price is too steep. While you might be inclined to negotiate the price down to clinch the project, Paterson advises against saying “yes” to every job that comes along.

“Do not compromise on the value of work you are doing.” He stresses that you should, in fact, find yourself saying “no” more often.

2. Understand how much time you’re putting into the project

3. Understand how much money your client is going to make on the work you are doing for them

4. The amount you are charging is an investment

“A logo design or branding is an investment for the company. It’s not just something like a product that you can buy, such as a computer, for the company. It’s an investment in something huge…[your client is] going to make that money back and more because of what [you are] doing.”

5. You’re not here to design something; you’re here to solve a problem

Hear what Paterson has to say in the video below to learn more.