Corel Draw: Working with layers in CorelDRAW

Now you can work with layers on individual pages in CorelDRAW, as well as Master layers and Guide layers. If certain pages (such as the cover page) have their own specific content, it often makes sense to use separate layers for this.

In the picture above you can see two pages with their own layers. You can also see the Master Page layer.

Everything you put on the Desktop part of the Master Page will be shown on all pages. Using the Guides and Grids of the Master Page will reveal guides and grids on all pages.

You can also use guides and layers on individual pages, so these will only apply to the page you have selected. In this example, each page contains layers with text in different languages as well as a "background" and "pictures" layer.

To create a new layer, click the New layer button at the bottom of the Object Manager Docker.

As soon as you have clicked this button, you can rename the layer.

To the left of the layer name you can lock the layer (click on the pencil icon), hide the layer (click on the eye icon) and make it printable or non-printable (click on the printer icon).

By making a layer non-printable, you can create a layer for comments to other people involved in the process of creating the document. The layers will be visible but not printable.

The applications and features described in this tip require CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 or newer to be installed.

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