A PayPal Redesign Concept That Makes It Easier Than Ever To Use Money


PayPal is one of the most popular payment solutions in the market right now, and chances are that you use it often to shop online or pay your bills.
The team at Russian design studio ARTU has created a concept redesign of the PayPal user interface to make the experience of using money on it even more hassle-free than it already is.
In the redesigned versions of the PayPal website and app, users would be able to enjoy enhanced features, including a swipe-to-read timeline of earnings and spendings, and one-tap payments.
The overall aesthetic of the user interface has also been made over to become cleaner and clearer—it even works on the Apple Watch.
Head over here to view more images of this sleek redesign project—do you like it better than the original?




[via Artu Design, opening image via Shutterstock]